Success Stories

Checkout Some Of These Amazing Body Transformations. This is just a sample of individuals just like you that have made the decision to get fit, live the Lean- Body lifestyle and actively change their life.


Brian has helped me lose 39 pounds and drop 4 dress sizes. His workouts are awesome, his motivation is great. I have never looked better.



A 100% guarantee seemed like a no-brainer. So I decided to give the training a chance. Once started,I was hooked! Brian is so good and his workouts are always different and I feel great.”Before working with Brian I was starting to get frustrated and wanted to give up. I decided to let Brian help me, now I look Great. As a mother of 2 I needed a program that was a perfect fit for me and my schedule. Brian is Awesome.



As a working mother I needed someone who could help me get back into shape. I was fat, tired all the time and hated the thought of exercise. I feared joining a big Gym and feeling out of place. So I started with Brian in his Studio and found that there was no interruptions or other people walking around. I was able to work hard and now I love it. I’m in the best shape of my life.



When I first started working with Brian I had high blood pressure. Now, through exercise, my blood pressure is normal. My balance has improved. I am stronger and have lost weight. I look and feel better than I have in years.


I love working out with Brian. He challenges me and encourages me to achieve more. I have a very busy schedule and needed a program that would work for me. I have lost weight, I feel stronger and I look forward to each and every workout. Thanks Brian.


My Hips, Thighs and Stomach are finally toned and I feel great. I could have never done it on my own. I needed a professional to help me. It was the best decision I ever made


I was skeptical about working with a trainer. Once I started training with Brian I realized that he was very professional and helped me lose 28 pounds.


I have had a lot of trainers over the years. I have worked out at big Gyms as well as small studios. Applied Fitness is by far the best. They know what they are doing and have the education and experience to back it up.

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